Parveen Taj

M.A. (UK)

I am grateful to Almighty God who gave me this opportunity to present you all family viewers my sincere efforts in bringing out my recipes with a ray of hope that these recipes will bring the family members close amidst the exotic aroma of the dishes on their dining tables.



As a mother of my school going children, I understand how important it is for the mothers to cook delicious breakfasts for their children and that too in a very short cooking time.  I endeavored and invented some recipes which hardly take time and they are so delicious that not only my children but also their classmates enjoy the food.  For that reason I am providing a separate recipe page with the title FAST RECIPES for school going children’s mothers.




I understood, I gathered, I experienced that however expert a cook is, only a mother is the best chef and with some practice she can be the best mother because she cooks with love. 


Avoid freezing and storing food because freshly cooked food is like fresh lively colourful blossoming flowers in breeze, tossing their heads in sprightly dance.


After having your food, forget not to thank God.


May God bless you all.

                                                                                       Parveen taj




Dr Mohamed Tajuddin

Ph D. ( Ed. UK )., MA, MA., PGCTE (CIEFL ) ., DME .

Lecturer, Advisor and Consultant

 Kingdom of Bahrain






In the boundless universe of recipes, here emerges a nascent conspicuous star who creates a host of golden recipes with the classic tastes amalgamating with the era to come for which I presume Parveen Taj will bloom for ages as long as the cuisines last in the world. 


As fragrance cannot be put in words, as words find themselves ephemeral, and ephemeral words fail miserably in bringing out the hovering aroma from Parveen’s kitchen, I have only one statement to give, "Tasting is Believing."  I remain grateful to the Almighty God for providing me this opportunity to believe in this life.  I hope you will all have the same belief when you cook these recipes and say, "Yes, I can cook!"


Dr. Mohd. Tajuddin


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